Too many dogs end up in shelters or back in rescue because their owners failed to follow through on their commitments associated with dog ownership, training included. In an effort to keep our pups in forever homes, we ask our adopters (and fosters too!) to read through the below resources. This will set you up for a lifetime of success with your new pup!

Stop the 77

A must watch for the whole family as we strive to keep our pups out of the "77"


Our protocol for your pup's transition + decompression phase after arriving home.

Keep 'em safe

Rescue Inc's very own dog safety 101 - keep them healthy and alive!


A very direct and honest doc about understanding your 

pup's body language. 

The first 24

What to expect in the first

24 hours of bringing your pup home 

Crate training

There is no downside to crate training - your pup will appreciate it and you will too!

House training

House trained doesn't = trained in your home. All pups need a routine from the get go!

Kids + dogs

Kids and dogs can be a match made in heaven - until it's not.  Avoid the avoidable. 

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