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A foster home is a critical piece of the rescue chain and maybe you'll meet your next forever dog along the way! We will work together to find a pup that is a good fit for your home. Rescue Inc. provides the food, veterinary care, and a support system. You provide the crashpad. You will treat them as one of your own - love them, keep them safe, and provide some guidance along the way. We often get asked - what if I fall in love? You might. Actually, you probably will. But nothing feels better than watching that pup move onto their Forever. The reality is - we can't rescue if you can't foster. Even as you are reading this, there is another in need of rescue already waiting for you. Consider fostering, your soul will love for it and we will too.


Please live within a comfortable driving distance to our vet in Newburyport MA in the event medical care is needed during their stay with you. You must be over 21 years old, and own your vehicle. Please visit our FAQs to read more about the plight of southern animals, local pups in need, and our processes.

Elizabeth H

I foster because there is nothing like seeing a dog's personality shine through once they feel secure and loved.

Mariah L

I love to foster because helping the misunderstood, overlooked, and "problem" dogs is my passion.

Jen R

There just isn't a better feeling that could ever compare to knowing what you have done to help save a life.

Baranda W

I took a chance on a dog that was going to be euthanized. My commitment to foster saved her life.

Danielle K

I foster because I won't change the world by saving one dog, but I will change that dog's world.

Elizabeth W

I foster dogs and have adopted kids because I like to teach that you are not labeled by your past. 

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