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The adoption process always starts with submitting an electronic application for the specific pup you're interested in (linked through that pup's listing), or a general adoption application if you seek our matchmaking assistance. Within 48 hours of submission, you'll hear from your Adoption Counselor by email to start the approval process and to schedule an introduction call. 

We strive to finalize the approval process within 5 business days to get our pups into homes as soon as possible. 


You will first "meet" your Adoption Counselor over a  phone chat. Following, some families may opt for an in-person home visit, and others "visit" over a virtual call. You learn about our dogs and processes, and we learn about you, your home, and what kind of pup will be the best fit for you. 


Everybody that lives in the home should be present for the visit or virtual call. This isn't a cleanliness check but simply an assurance that your house is a safe and happy home.


Your Counselor will call your personal references along with your veterinarian. Please let them know we will be calling so we can streamline the process. 


In the interim, start working on a training plan (our FAQs has a great section on this) along with your plan for daycare/dog walker during times when you are away from the home. Getting your ducks in a row, even before applying, will help move this process along. 


If you've met our adoption criteria, you're approved to adopt! Whether you've fallen in love with a pup already or you're seeking our matchmaking assistance, we are your partners throughout this process. 

Our FAQs page has sections detailing how to pre-adopt before their arrival to MA as well as information on how to adopt from one of our MA foster homes. Adoptions are finalized with a signed contract and adoption fee, and your contract goes into affect when you take physical possession of your pup.

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