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In addition to being a resource for local dogs in Massachusetts, Rescue Inc. homes the displaced and abandoned dogs from the rural south that would not have a chance at life otherwise. Failure to spay and neuter, combined with lack of animal welfare laws in many states, burdens an imperfect system that is simply not equipped to handle the sheer volume of homeless animals. We help fill the gap in these areas and provide rescue options when there are none.​

MA Licensed Rescue + Registered 501c3

A Day In The South


365 days a year









Who we are

founded late 2019 - to present


"A laundry basket of puppies was found by my neighbors, 10 of them. They've been out in the rain and storm, can you help?"

“ALICE! I kept hearing something outside...someone dumped four puppies at the office. Can you take them?"

"He is such a bother. No I don’t have the money to fix him. Just kill him.”

Our rescue partners are a lifeline to the dogs we rescue and field dozens messages, calls, and please for help like this every day. These brave women are Good Samaritan rescuers that fill the gap in areas that provide no county-provided animal resources.

What we need to rescue more

2nd quarter



  • Sponsor our facility ($50,000)

  • Sponsor a transport ($15,000)

  • Sponsor a room ($10,000)

  • Sponsor the courtyard ($10,000)

  • Sponsor a litter ($5,000)

  • Sponsor a kennel ($1,000 - $1,500)

We may be the new rescue in town, but we are not new to rescue. We are seasoned and we are committed. Established in late 2019, we are a volunteer-driven organization with a core leadership + consulting team with decades of combined rescue, corporate, and dog behavior experience. We are in the business of second chances and very good at what we do. 

Since our inception in late 2019, we have cultivated partnerships with rescuers in four different counties between Mississippi + Tennessee, each of which have no animal control, no municipal shelter, and no county-provided animal resources. We've grown our passionate group of volunteers to a team of fifty and provided medical care beyond standard vetting to include surgeries and other life-saving care. As of February 2021, we have 30+ foster homes and rehomed 850+ puppies and dogs. 

Nia, adopted Summer '20 Newburyport  MA

Our quarantine project is a critical facet to our growth and longer term sustainability. Our facility will double the number of puppies and dogs we are able to rescue. We are targeting May into June for our official quarantine opening and on target to rescue 1400+ dogs in 2021.

We are governed by the MA Department of Agriculture and required to isolate our dogs in a MA-licensed quarantine for 48 hours after arriving and before transitioning to a foster or forever home. The Commonwealth has limited quarantine facilities, therefore limiting reservations for kennel space.


When our adoption process is slowed due to sparse isolation space, our rescuers run out of space, which leaves puppies and dogs in need of rescue left on streets, under buildings to suffer, or euthanized for space in neighboring county shelters. At any given time, our partners collectively have 100-200 dogs on their properties. 

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